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Our Vision, Values & Aims


In St Maria Goretti Primary school we provide a welcoming and friendly environment that celebrates the diversity of our local community.

We are a nurturing school where everyone feels safe, happy and valued and all children are supported to achieve their full potential. This is achieved by working together with children, their families and the community, based on a shared sense of direction.


Responsible, healthy attitudes

Equality and inclusion

Safety, security and well-being

Pride and parental involvement

Environmental action

Caring and nurturing

Trust, tolerance and honesty                                 

WE AIM TO                     

Ensure that all children reach their fullest potential through high quality learning and teaching experiences that are motivational, meaningful and equip them for life-long learning.

Plan and implement, “A Curriculum for Excellence” which meets the needs of our changing society and reflects national and authority goals.

Work together with parents, and other agencies to maximise children’s learning, development and environmental responsibility.

Actively celebrate individuals’ strengths and achievements to build confidence, enthusiasm and community spirit.

Provide a range of activities that secures the health and wellbeing of all and builds tolerance and respect for others.